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What's a Wiki?[]

Wikis are user-edited web-based stores of knowledge organized non-linearly. I know that's a lot of hyphenated words, but that's really about it.

The non-linear organization might need some further explanation. Essentially, the Wiki is Not a Tree. Wikis do not grow as a hierarchy, but both branch out and link up in odd ways. When you submit content, you are encouraged to include as many links as possible to allow the Wiki to grow.

This site is hosted on Wikia, a site dedicated to wikis for communities with specialized batches of knowledge. The Architecture Wiki used to be hosted on a computer at MIT before moving to its new home at Wikia.


Since a Wiki is based on user-submitted knowledge, you are encouraged to submit to this Wiki whatever knowledge you are willing to share. You are further encouraged to join the Wiki community and create a profile (privacy protected, of course), but this is not necessary. Submissions are anonymous.

Submitting is very simple. Start with a page you are given. This can be your user page the front page or some other page that exists already. Click on a link that is there. If no page exists, you will immediately be taken to an editing page. If a page does exist and you want to edit it, click the "edit" tab at the top of the page. We have provided some seeds at the bottom of the page to get the Wiki started.

A good guide for markup exists here, but here are the basics.

  • [[Le Corbusier]] looks like Le Corbusier and links to a page under that name.
  • [[Massachusetts Institute of Technology | MIT]] looks like MIT and links to a page under the name Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • [ Wikipedia] is an external link to that looks like Wikipedia.
  • ==New Section== is for new sections like the word "Contributing" above.
  • ===New Subsection=== is for new subsections.
  • ====New Sub-Subsection is for new sub-subsections.
  • * mark off bullets in a bulleted list like this one. Add more asterixes for deeper levels of the list.
    • Like so (I look **Like so in markup.)
  • The pound sign (#) creates numbered lists the same way asterixes created unnumbered lists.
  • '''For boldface''' use three apostrophes around the text to be in bold.
  • ''For italics'' use two apostrophes around the text to be in italics.

That should be enough to get you started. If you need some help, look at the "source code" for this page by clicking the "edit" tab above or read further at the How to edit a page article on Wikipedia.


Here are some starting points for the Wiki. Feel free to add your own pages to the seeds list.